Friday, August 19, 2005


I have been doing a lot of thinking this summer, and I am now formulating a very strong philosophy to to help me achieve all of my goals in life. It started out one day when i was thinking "what is the purpose of my life?" My parents had sex, I was born, now I'm gonna live for a while and then die, and no one will remember me. I wasnt being depressed, but it's true that after a while people would forget. Even people who truly loved me would eventually find it too painful and let go. I kept on thinking about how many old wise people grow to accept death and to welcome it eventually. Now all my philosophies sound pretty bad on paper, but I'll try anyways. These are what I have determined to be the purposes of life:
1. To improve the quality and length of one's own life. Yes, I know this by itself is a bit of a paradox, but it is true. People are always looking out for themselves and trying to improve their own happiness. Every decision the make is a decision towards being more happy. These decisions are radically different for different people based on their values and their foresight.
2. To leave a legacy. The second important purpose should be to leave a legacy. It is to make a difference that will last much longer than you do and improve the world for mankind. This can be accomplished in many different ways. One prime example is by raising a family. By having children, you both physically pass on your DNA and pass on everything that you teach them. Good parenting is one of the most essential things because if it is passed from generation to generation, it is one of the longest lasting things you can do, and it has a positive effect of humanity as a whole by instilling your children with knowledge and morals.
Another example is to invent something. With the sharing of ideas, not only will your invention improve the lives of many others, but others will build off of it, and others will build off those ideas, until eventually your contribution is a foundation that is used in many other things. If James Watt had not ionvented the steam engine, trains would not be built, gasoline engines would not be invented, we would have never entered the industrial age, and our world would have been very different. having said that, it is true that someone else would likely come along and eventually invent a similar device, but his contribution has still made a very big change in the history of the entire world, as even if someone else did, it might be much later and we would definitely not be where we are today.

With these to overall goals in mind, I have given myself a purpse and am trying to form a strong philosophy to help me reach these goals. In my reasons for developing a philosophy, I have decided the following things to be basic truths:
  1. Our lives and the path we take in them are made up by all of the choices that we make
  2. All of these choices either have a positive or negative impact on our goals in life
  3. To be as successful as possible, all choices should have a positive impact
  4. A philosophy is something that we apply to all of our choices to help us make our decisions
  5. Therefore to have strong choices, one needs a strong philosophy
Using the geometric proof style of Hobbes and many others to establish these basic truths, I have tried to make fundamentals in my philosophy that will never change. By making these keystones so logical that I consider them to be basic truth, I will always be able to live by this philosophy.

A large part of my basic philosophy is dedicated to underscoring its own importance, which I hope will make it even more strong.

I have done too much thinking over this for me to type, and too much for you to read and still be interested, and most of the details haven't been thought out well enough to express yet. However I am reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and one of the key points she makes is that there is a small number of people in this world who are true movers, who are leaders. These are the people that keep the world turning. In the book, she acts on the premise that these people are on strike, and shows us a world without them. This compliments what she wrote in The Fountainhead (from what I gather from its analyses), that the rest of the world treats these people so poorly, even though they are so crucial and that the world depends on them. It is my ambition to be a mover. I will live out my life, and I hope to make as much of a change as possible, so that when I die, I know that I will have made a difference as humanly possible. I now have the inner desire to be great.

I intentionally have not tried to plan my whole life, as situations will change to the future, and I must be able to adapt to them, but I have decided that right now the most important thing to do is to learn. There are many others before me that have dedicated their whole lives to studying certain things and developing their own opinions. It is crucial that I learn as much as possible, so that I can better apply this information to my own situations, as I hope people after me will do with my ideas.

It is very important for everyone to set goals for themselves and purposes. this is something religion has helped many to do, and I will continue to use religion to help set my morals and my purpose. It is essential for people to do this. How many people can remember what they were doing a year ago today? If you can remember it, how as that been helpful to you now? I know I can look at what I was doing a year ago, and it all seems so pointless today. Arguments I got into seem pretty stupid now, and many things I did do not help me in the least today. This is because since then, my values have changed, and what I found important then isn't so important any more. a large part of growing up is the changing of these values. What I am attempting to do now is to set my values into concrete, to stress values that are not so ephemeral, but ones that I will have my entire life, so that what I do now will actually help me in the future, and every action I take will help me achieve my ultimate goals.

I highly recommend that you also do this and develop a philosophy for your life too, as it is something that you will never regret. Well I have to go to bed now, but ill try to add more details to what ive been thinking and my goals in future entries. Please leave any comments you might have on this for me, I would love to have any input to help me as I work on these concepts. Whenever I've written down my ideas before and looked at them a year later, they all seemed so childish and immature. This, however, is an entry that I hope I can look back on years from now and still totally aggree with.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


After a whole summer of leaving at 1:30 to get to work by 3:00, I realize that riding my bike takes only 12 minutes. Why do all of my revelations have to come at a time where theyre barely any good for me? Anyways since insurance would cost 3,000 dollars a year, and i haven't saved up for a car, I think I'm gonna have to ride my bike for quite a while (or mooch like theres no tomorrow). I was thinking about getting a bike with an electric engine, so that i could basically go as fast as if i were in a car (20 mph without pedaling). they cost maybe a thousand dollars, but as this pays off in 4 months in terms of insurance (and sooner if you factor in the costs of a car), it seems pretty worthwhile. Sure, I can't give other people rides, but I'm sure this will be quite a useful thing for me. I could probably also save myself alot of money and just pedal everywhere, but I couldn't really go nearly as fast, and it isnt as cool :(. Wellllllll that's about all for me.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Some cool things to read

I know it's been a while since ive last blogged, but i dont want this blog to be any more boring than it already is, so i like to wait until i have at least a few interesting things to mention. First of all, I've been captivated by some milbloggers after reading a wired article about it. One of them, 365 and a wakeup, is particularly deep, usually starting with some classic quote, and then followed with a deep analysis from a man wizened through his time in the military. I wish my blogs sounded as beautiful and as deep as his are.

I've also been reading Michaeel Crichton's speeches. He is probably one of the people i look up to most, as a succesful writer with an extensive knowledge of medicine and science and well researched view against politicized science and the state of the current media. Here, read them for yourself, theyre kinda long, but it's well worth it:
(Aliens Cause Global Warming)
(environmentalism as a religion)
(why speculate?)
I was gonna do an editorial on something like this for my schools newspaper, but now that I've seen what a good job he's done, its gonna be hard not to plaigarize ;). now i don't want any of you whining about global warming any more. If youre still not convinced, read State of Fear.

I'm busy trying to plan a lan party before the end of summer :). The only problem is it would take some heavy leaning on the parental units. MY dad instantly shoots down anything i want to do, and refuses to deviate, and my mom just listens to him. I'm not sure whether she is incapable of thinking on these issues on her own or whether she just doesnt want to argue with my dad, and nothing i ever want to do is ever important enough to argue with my dad over. So yeah, that kinda sucks. I'm definitely gonna have a ddr party for all my less 1337 friends.

Btw, I am currently rewatching arrested development. That show is soo funny :). If you love your mother, watch the season 3 premiere on september 14, and if you don't, watch it anyways just to spite her :). Well, i think this is a good sized blog, so i might as well stop for now.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My Computer!

I just got my computer back a few days ago :)! right after i got it, i went off to a lan party where I stayed up playing counterstrike: source and marveling at my computer's speed. ill try to post a picture, but the ones i have now are a bit blurry. Let me tell you, though, it is definitely one sexy machine ;). I'll hafta see if i can host a lan party sometime this summer. Oh and maybe a normal party for my non- geeky friends. Anyways, the number one reason that my job sucks is that the only day i have off is tueday, and everyone else seems to be doing something on a tuesday. I dunno how the car salespeople deal with it; they work 55 hour weeks. Well, I really don't have too much else to write about, so lemme just post a pic of my compy and leave it at that:

CPU: Athlon 64 3200+
Primary storage: two 74 gig Raptors in raid 0
Graphics: Georce 6800 PCIE (SLI compatble)
Ram: 1 gig ddr ram (2x 512 MB)
PSU: 550 watt Chameleon, 3 color LCD fan
Case: Antec Super LANBoy
Optical: DVD+-RW

Monday, August 01, 2005


The most important thing I've learned this summer is to pick a career that you really enjoy. My math teacher last year told us that she had been an accountant and making alot more money, but decided to quit and become a teacher because it was more fun. At the time, I couldnt think of why she would do that. Why quit a job you're making so much money at to become a teacher and make like a third of the money? Now that i have worked 40 hour weeks and even 12 hour days back to back, I have witnessed the 'real world'. The differrence between adults and children is that adults have let their life slip into a schedule, they have already experienced everything new in their life, and eveything becomes routine and monotinous. Imagination and innovation are no longer rewarded; instead, one must "go with the flow" to survive. They must meet benchmarks and not question authority. And they don't even have the interesting hormone-induced mood swings that teenagers do. Now I'm desperately trying to find a realistic job that won't get too boring, but also one that i dont disagree with morally. For instance, even if I could be the best lawyer in the world, i wouldn't. I would rather be a crazy hermit that thinks IHOP is a secret alien organization. Why? First of all, lawyers dont generate any money. They just take money from one person and give it to another. Secondly, America is flooded with lawyers. America has 2 percent of the world's population and fifty percent of the world's lawyers. Third, many lawyers are exploiting laws, and taking them to an absurd level. For instance, there is a whole subclass of lawyers that specify in asbestos cases. They put out advertisements that urge anyone who has worked in an office where there was asbestos to call them so that they can sue their company, regardless of whether they were actually harmed by the asbestos or not. This floods the court with so many cases that people who are dying because of exposure can't get the help they need. Also, a large cut of the money is going to rich lawyers instead of victims. The Ideal job for me would be something where I could use my mind and challenge myself, like an inventor. The only edge we have on a rapidly idustrializing China and a very economically well off Japan is our embrace of new ideas and our patents system. China still depends largely on manpower to produce many of its exports, and Japan's patent system does not provide any protection until seven years after the patent is submitted. This means that anyone else can walk into the patent office and look at your idea and copy it. Granted, this provides faster development and more competition, and the Japanese economic model (set up in part (although I guess not too much) by the US of A after WWII) depends largely on businesses, and Japanese people are completely loyal to their business, because it provides housing and many other things for them. I do, however, hope that America can triumph, and currently we are doing well because we have the most computers per capita, but for us to do so, we need less lawyers and more people who actually do something for the economy and the GDP. Well I dunno how a mention of work and adulthood being boring. Turned into a (probably very bad) analysis of economic future of the US, China, and Japan, but whatever.

I hope people are still reading this.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Boy Scout Camp

I haven't had a lot of time to write recently, I've been away from civilization all last week at a boy scout camp. I've even got a riddiculous life jacket tan to prove it. While I was there, i got to learn the true fun of sailing. I'm not sure exactly why, but maybe it's just the tranquility of floating in the water without the noise of a motor or having to row, or maybe it's the fact that you're dependant on nature to propel you, but it's just so much fun. The bad part was it was on the chesapeake. I'm really tired of stupid environmentalists claling the chesapeake a wilderness reserve and treating it like it's so important to the environment. They should actually go up and look at it; it's just a bacterial pool full of dead fish. From the looks of it, it isn't an ecosystem, but just a smelly pool of death. it was still pretty fun to sail though, and to pretend to be pirates and capsize eachother. I have even recently been christened with a pirate name, thanks to the pirate name generator (google it): Captain Darius Firecrotch. Anyways, now I'm much closer to becoming an eagle scout, which I'm basically leaning on as my ticket into college. Well now that camp is over, it's back to the monotony of a 40 hour week (I spent twenty minutes today looking at my reflection and making faces.) On the plus side, I did get a cool MP4 player, the Archos G-Mini 400, and i do still have like a million plans so i'm not bored while i'm at home this summer.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Some cool links

I just heard a really cool idea that i just have to post on. It's called Streetwars: Killer. Basically a bunch of people in either LA or New York sign up before the competition starts. When it does, they each get o portfolio with the name of another person on the list who they have to "assassinate" by shooting them with a water gun. I don't know why, but i think it's the coolest contest i've ever heard of. People go on stakeouts, disguise as mailmen, and do whatever else they want to (except attack them while at work.) Please bring this to my area by the time I'm 18. I dunno maybe it's just me being a dork, maybe it's the fact that I'm watching the second season of 24 while typing this, but honestly, how can you not find that cool? There's even a hefty cash prize for the winner 8Þ. I've decided to work on My dancing raptor video in poser, which is so far my best chance at internet fame. It's no numa numa, but whatever, I need something to do in my free time. All the pining over my kidnapped compy seems to be working. As of now, all i have to do is about 25 hours in the sweltering heat in the backyard and commit to 15 hours a week for studying for the SAT's. Yes, I know, I hate my dad too. My computer can install windows faster than this computer can boot =( (mostly due to the two raptors in raid). As soon as I get it back, I'll upload some pics. I'm really hoping to mod it this summer if I have time (Install a billion fans, custom keyboard, possibly an lcd.) Anyways, it's laaaaaaate so im gonna try to go to bed so i can work out back before going to work tomorrow. In the meantime, amuse yourself with this flash video (even though mine will be better) . I know all of you true geeks are asking me to end my html tag, but i don't see that happening any time soon. Do not fret, my non-1337 friends, I shall try to not go too far overboard. |=0|2 |/\/574/\/(3, 1 \/\/0/\/7 574|27 7yP1/\/6 |i3k 7|-|15. (For instance, I won't start typing like this.) Okay, I really have to stop before i start losing friends. . For now...